• 87% of total skincare sales in Asia is in the facial care segment. Demand for “protection” is driven by trends of healthy living and urban pollution
  • In Korea, Japan and China, local, traditional and pop-culture beauty ingredients and associations are enticing to Asian consumers
  • Asia loves multi-label stores that carry a good mix of product range from cosmetics to beauty supplements and weight-loss products
  • Asia’s rising middle class is growing in affluence and population, with a rich and growing appetite to look and feel good

Growing middle-class

As one of the world’s fastest growing economies, Asia is on a rapid growth momentum. The increase in average incomes and spending power has brought with it an emergence of a growing middle-class, driving higher consumption and greater domestic demand for goods and services. For this reason, Asia remains prime on the watch list of global investors, who have continued to propel incrementally growing amounts of foreign direct investment into the region, in expectation of long-term sustainable expansion.