Right knowledge

Benefit from our international network and specialised knowledge of Asian and ASEAN markets. We’ll work together with you to evaluate your business’s potential and develop an expansion strategy customised to your needs. And we’ll integrate your business into the local scene, helping you to establish ties with local partners or distributors, and supporting you throughout all aspects of your operational setup once you are ready to move forward.

Right focus

Whether you’re a small to medium-sized business contemplating expansion or have already taken that step and are now seeking business development advice of a more specific nature, we are committed to helping you. We’ll take time to understand your requirements and help you find the best way to achieve your desired business outcomes.

Right location

Elit Consulting is located strategically in Singapore, a top Asian regional financial and trade hub, and central geographical gateway to ASEAN and Asia. With Singapore’s extensive trade network and unparalleled connectivity, you can reach your target markets of choice efficiently and effectively.

Helping your business expand beyond your local shores

Thinking of taking your business global? Access new markets for business growth with Elit Consulting. With our European background and in-depth Asian business expertise, we can help you capitalise on business opportunities abroad by providing you the essentials to understand and operate successfully in the markets you wish to enter.

As an Elit Consulting client, you’ll receive expert guidance and advice from our wide network of relocation services, legal, financial and taxation experts. Our advisers will help you with market assessment and research, as well as understanding local norms, taxation, accounting and regulatory requirements governing your setup and operations.

Company incorporation in Singapore – Opening of bank accounts in Singapore – Market research in Singapore – Opening a foreign branch / Opening an office abroad, Singapore – Business Contacts in Singapore

Elit Consulting also supports your general business administration needs, such as providing contract management services, identifying the most optimal locations for your office or operations space and handling recruitment. With an established advisory location in Singapore, you can be confident that we are committed to provide you a stable on-the-ground support for all your expansion needs in Asia.


Founder and Chief Advisor, Elit Consulting

With over 30 years of sales management experience in various industries, notably luxury cosmetics & skincare, consumer and food & beverage markets in Europe and Asia, Domenico Balassi has an intimate understanding of doing business on both a local and global scale. With a background in electronic engineering, Domenico’s wide-ranging expertise extends beyond sales management to export analysis and retail network management. Domenico also has firsthand entrepreneurial experience in owning and establishing distribution networks in Singapore for his own winery in Italy.

Over the course of his personal career, Domenico has developed a strong network of professional contacts encompassing international business law firm, tax consultancy, relocation services and financial advisory. Coupled with his entrepreneurial experience and expertise in market research, sales & distribution and operations administration, clients will benefit from valuable insights and strategic solutions for their expansion needs.

Domenico takes a very personal approach in working with clients. He personally deals with customers and distributors and believes in providing total support in trading, marketing and distribution of clients’ products.  Domenico’s vision is to empower Elit Consulting clients to make their business growth aspirations a successful reality.


Need deeper knowledge about doing business in Asia?

Elit Consulting provides personalised service and “on-the-ground” local knowledge so you can save valuable time in your market research. This is especially important because Asia is a multi-cultural continent with a great diversity in cultures, norms and business practices, as well as regulatory requirements and operating environments.

Export consultancy in Asia/ Consultancy for export in Asia

We provide a comprehensive advisory package that includes consultancy on local import/export requirements, regulatory requirements, taxation and accounting practices. We’ll help you navigate the complexities of setting up business and link you up with the right contacts to achieve your goals.

Market research in Singapore

Looking to develop a local distribution presence in Asia?

Let Elit Consulting guide you through the process of getting in touch with appropriate local distributors and partners. After you have helped us understand your goals and requirements, we will review the distribution potential with you and help you determine an effective next move to develop a successful network and presence.

Search distributors and partners in Asia

Seeking a dependable business partner to manage your offshore locations?

With Elit Consulting’s management contracting service, you can choose to contractually vest control of your day-to-day offshore business operations over to us. Management contracting enables you to leverage available capability in your target business market as opposed to incurring costly market entry costs by trying to do it yourself.
Simply put, it is a safer and less expensive alternative to foreign direct investment. As your appointed agent, we will perform the necessary managerial functions for your business. This could include technical operation of your production facility, human resources training and management, accounting and marketing.

Need help recruiting people or finding office space?

Whatever your administrative needs may be; whether it’s about finding office space, handling recruitment or locating on-demand services, Elit Consulting can put you in touch with the appropriate parties. We’ll keep it seamless and fuss-free so you can rest assured that your operational and administrative needs are taken care of.

Company incorporation in Singapore

Opening of bank accounts in Singapore

Business contacts in Singapore

Search office in Singapore

Our service include assistance for the opening of bank accounts and company incorporation in Singapore.

Why Asia

Growing middle-class

As one of the world’s fastest growing economies, Asia is on a rapid growth momentum. The increase in average incomes and spending power has brought with it an emergence of a growing middle-class, driving higher consumption and greater domestic demand for goods and services. For this reason, Asia remains prime on the watch list of global investors, who have continued to propel incrementally growing amounts of foreign direct investment into the region in expectation of long-term sustainable expansion.

Large wealth concentration and niche demand

Asia is home to one of the largest concentrations of wealth in the world. Much of this wealth lies in the hands of young and well-educated high net-worth individuals. With a significantly lower average age compared to Western countries and growing demand for niche products and services, opportunities abound for firms willing to penetrate the Asian market and explore new ways of doing business.

Strength of regional alliances

There has been a marked step-up in the strength and focus on regional alliances in recent years. The ASEAN economic community that aggregates 10 countries of South East Asia, is the third largest economic block in the world after the European Union (EU) and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The ASEAN community’s increased commitment towards economic regional integration has resulted in specific steps and goals established to make South East Asia a free-flow zone for goods, services, investments and skilled labour.

Export consultancy in Asia/ consultancy for export in Asia – Distributors and partners in Asia/ Search distributors and partners in Asia


To empower businesses with the confidence to achieve new growth opportunities and avenues for expansion by offering a comprehensive and value-rich service that benefits the business as well as its service providers and network distributors.


To be the trusted partner for businesses seeking to establish a strong foundation for growth in Asia.

Our Location

Singapore strategic hubStrategic hub

Our location, Singapore, stands strategically at the crossroads of Asia. Facilitated by its highly efficient and well-connected world-class international airport and trading port, Singapore provides immediate and direct international access to its ASEAN and Asian neighbours, as well as every country in the world.

Safe and friendly for businesses

Singapore is renowned for its pro-business stance. A world leader in business, Singapore is a global business magnet, attracting sizable foreign investments and a bustling cutting-edge financial community. Foreign companies willing to take a step into Asia will find that Singapore’s international standard regulations and well-organised business environment makes doing business easy, safe and friendly.

Unparalleled efficiency

In contrast to many countries, Singapore is one of the few locations in the world that enables entrepreneurs to incorporate a company and establish smooth operational capability within a short timeframe. The efficiency of the judiciary and justice system, customs clearance and import regulations, as well as infrastructural setups for Internet, phone and office makes the process of establishing a business in Singapore efficient and fuss-free.

Outstanding tax system

An uncomplicated corporate tax system makes Singapore a prime location of choice for businesses seeking to establish operations in Asia. There are also no capital gains taxes in Singapore, so dividends can be distributed to shareholders tax-free for income that has already been taxed at the corporate level. Singapore’s Goods and Services Tax is one of the lowest globally, at a flat rate of 7%. In addition, Singapore  offers a tax exemption scheme for new start-up companies subject to your company meeting the tax authority’s stated requirements.



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